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Advancing education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as native human curiosity is a critical focus for White Star. We know first-hand the importance of educating our youth in these areas. Our future success and our nation's technological edge depend on a constant supply of highly skilled and skilled technical talent.

We strongly believe that advancing education requires collaboration between businesses, educators, policy makers, and families. White Star is committed to working with to develop programs that educate and inspire the scientists, engineers and mathematicians of tomorrow.

White Star Scholarships and Educational Leaders

For students of all ages, receiving a financial boost for tuition can be a dream come true. We are proud to participate alongside educational leaders in the ambitions of bright students.

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White Star provides k12 distance education, online and face-to-face

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  • School Leaders and TeachersMeet the administrative leaders of our school, each with many years of outstanding education experience.. 
  • Mission and AccreditationAt K12 Private Academy, we're committed to bringing individualized learning to all kinds of minds.
  • U.S. - M.X. Diploma As an accredited school, K12 Private Academy offers its graduates a U.S. diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers around the globe.
  • Academic Success From US to MX, our graduates are pursuing their dreams.
  • Global Affiliations K12 Private Academy shares a commitment to educational excellence and international education with the following organizations 

  • Meet our Families The flexibility and quality of the K12 Private Academy curriculum and learning programs fit the lifestyles of many different types of families and students..
  • Hacking for Defense is a university course that teaches students to work with the Defense and Intelligence Communities to rapidly address the nation’s emerging threats and security challenges.
  • Studying Abroad Do you dream about travel but don’t want to wait?. 

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